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Rent Car in Georgia

Car Rental near me – most common word searched by tourists as hiring a car in Georgia is one of the most common practice, since this is a country of road trips. The offerings from our company never leave any customer unsatisfied, as the variety of options is quite wide and prices are affordable.

Our company offers new and comfortable cars for best price and guarantees a safe drive through Georgian routes, discovering architectural and nature sights along the way. Every car in the large selection provided by the company is insured and technically tuned. To make it as much comfortable as possible for the customer, hiring process is completely online.

How much renting car costs at Car Rent Georgia?

Prices for renting a car in Georgia are quite low and affordable for any kind of customer as we have one of the most acceptable prices on the market. Cost of renting a car starts from 60 Gel/day and can go up to 90 Gel/day, depending on a vehicle brand and type. Company also has luxury options as well, where prices of renting per day starts from 300 Gel and go up.

When it comes to Car Rent Georgia, insurance price is included in renting cost, but keep in mind that, there can be additional prices as well, if you are looking for some specific features, such as infant or child seat, GPS Navigation System, roof racks and etc.

What kind of cars you can rent near you?

Finding a car rental near you is not a problem in Georgia if you are using our company service. Finding a desired car for affordable price is not an issue as well.

Car Rent Georgia offers:

What else you should consider before searching car rental near you?

One of the most important things you should look into, before deciding on renting a car is whether your driver’s license is accepted overseas. It is a must to find out if your license is valid before you’ve arrived to rent your car, as this will definitely put a damper on your trip. So, check if you need to bring an extra document, like an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Also, an important aspect to keep in mind is that you can’t leave Georgia’s borders by rented vehicle.

The vehicle must be driven by the person, named in the rental contract. If not, in case of an accident, the damage will not be covered by insurance. Car Rental companies have option of adding as many drivers as you wish, but this is possible for extra cost.

Find the most suitable car near you on our website. We wish you a pleasant Journey!