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Rent Car in Georgia

Car Rental in Tbilisi is one of the best options for travelers to explore the warm capital of Georgia, that leaves travelers wanting to see everything a city can offer – cobblestone streets, scenic old town views, eighteenth century balconied homes and many more.

Renting a car in Tbilisi is a really common practice. Road trip memories never disappoint travelers by discovering new routes and architectural or nature sights along the way to the destination. There are many great destinations across Georgia that public transport can’t serve, that’s when Car Rent Georgia come in hand to travelers. This also gives them the opportunity to choose their own routes while traveling.

How much Car Rental costs in Tbilisi?

Prices for renting a Car in Tbilisi can range from 20$ to 80$ (equivalent in Gel), depending on what you are looking for. Vehicle class, type and sometimes also brand can affect the cost of renting. There may also be additional charges for things you need and had not considered, like infant and child seat rentals, roof racks, GPS navigation systems and other.

What kind of cars you can rent in Tbilisi?

As mentioned above, cars for rent are categorized:

The high demand of car rental services in Tbilisi made customer satisfaction the number one priority for us. Car Rent Georgia offers wide range of options in every category, so it is easy for travelers to find a car that they desire and meet their needs.

What are the procedures?

Car rental in Tbilisi has become an easy process, since it is fully online. All you need to do is:

  1. choose a car that fits the most to your needs;
  2. Fill in a simple application form – necessary documents are: Driving license and ID/passport;
  3. Go through terms and conditions of the company
  4. Make an online payment
  5. Make 100 Gel deposit