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Rent Car in Georgia

Car rental in Georgia is by far the best way to explore Georgia independently and discover unusual routes. Georgia is a country full of scenic areas and nature. That’s why sight along the way is as interesting and eye-catching as the destination you are heading to. This makes the country one of the best options for travelers to go on a road trip.

How much renting car costs in Georgia

Renting a car on Car Rent Georgia website is not pricy at all. A wide variety of offerings makes it easy for travelers to find what suits them best.

Renting prices fluctuate somewhere between 60 Gel and 85 Gel a day, depending on vehicle class of your choice. The price is also affected by other features you might want, such as navigation system, insurance options and etc.

What kind of cars can you rent in Georgia

Car Rent Georgia has a wide range of car rental offers for any kind of trip, whether you want to go in cities or in deep mountains. Starting from economy class sedans to luxury jeeps, travelers can always find suitable car for their journeys. You can choose from Mercedes, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, and many more.

What are the procedures?

The high demand of car rental services in Georgia made customer satisfaction the number one priority to our company. Renting a car on our website is an easy process for travelers. Only two documents are required: Driver’s license and ID/passport. Also you will need to do 100 Gel deposit for renting car.

The process of renting a car has several steps – reservation, payment, review of rental agreement and acceptance of the keys.

Why Car Rent Georgia is the best choice?

Car Rent Georgia is a local company in Georgia, that gives an opportunity to book a car in advance and get a car of your desire. The company offers new and comfortable cars from cheap variants to luxury brands. Low prices presented by the company save your budget significantly and provides you with the best quality on the market.

What else you should consider

If you are about to rent a car in Georgia, there are several things you should consider in advance: